Monday, 14 December 2015

The Missing Steve Shives Off Monday Ramble Episode 35 (MIRROR)

The Steve Shives Off Monday Ramble Episode 35 video has recently been made 'private' by Steve Shives because he has gotten quite a lot of negative commentary on it.

The main critique of his video is the obviously tense body language between Steve and his wife. Sargon of Akkad did a video using a clip of the video HERE. After Sargon's video went up, Steve made the video private.

There are mirrored copies of it on YouTube, and I decided to also mirror it on my channel for people to see and discuss since the discussion he and his wife were having, about feminism, is one that should be open to discussion, critique, and debate. I of course put in a little snippet of my own in the beginning that said:

Obviously this was to be taken as a joke, but since SJWs and feminists have no sense of humor, I assume Steve did not find this amusing - what a surprise.

Steve Shives quickly submitted a copyright claim on the mirror of this video on my channel and had it taken down by YouTube.

This of course results in a strike on my channel and the inability to use certain features on YouTube. I did however, expect this and will be filing a counter claim under the terms of fair use:

The Center for Social Media and the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video, lists the following uses as being fair use:
  1. Reproducing, reposting, or quoting in order to memorialize, preserve, or rescue an experience, an event, or a cultural phenomenon.
  2. Copying, reposting, and recirculating a work or part of a work for purposes of launching a discussion.
The video in question was uploaded explicitly for the above mentioned purposes, and does not harm the market or substitute for the original work.

Until the strike is lifted, my longer videos will be uploaded to my other channel HERE.

If you would like to see and even download a copy of the 'offending' video that Steve filed a DMCA on and had removed from YouTube, you can find it HERE and in a FILE.

Let the Streisand Effect begin...